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11/2/14 – Sunday


Hello there, sorry it has been so long since I last wrote.  Work has been very busy lately as I lost a colleague and our team is taking on his work.  This is quite a challenge, but at least it keeps us out of trouble.  In addition to work I’ve recently joined the Chatham Jaycees (a volunteer organization) and was also appointed to the Chatham Public Parks and Recreation Commission as the Jaycee’s Representative.  On top of that I am working to try to sell your great grandma Phyl’s home in Springfield.  Perhaps the approaching winter will slow things down.

You have really begun to blossom.  Your hair is a perfect example, you have quite the do working.  Right now it is a little out-of-control but it is in a weird phase where it is’t long enough to do too much with.  It is quite curly and definitely red!  Your teeth are very nice, but they are not perfectly straight…perhaps that’s because you use a pacifier at night.  You are talking up a storm.  We visited your great grandma Phyl last night and even she mentioned something about how much you were talking.  This is quite a feat because grandma doesn’t hear too well.  :)

Since my last post we’ve announced that we will be having a third child!  You are going to be a big sister!  As you might suspect, we are very excited.  We have started preparing for the baby that is expected to arrive around April 21st.  We believe that we will put the baby in your room and let you and Emerson share a room.  So, we needed to get you out of the crib.  To do this we first modified the crib so that you could enter and exit freely.  That was a bit of a mistake because you had a hard time staying in bed at night!  You would wander around whenever you felt the desire.  Several times you went into Emerson’s room and played with his toys while he was sleeping.  You came into our room at various times throughout the night.  Many times you came in without waking me (thanks, Abby!), but I can remember several times where you would walk into our room and growl like a monster.  You are quite a jokester.  Well, you probably won’t believe this, but you just did it again.  I am in the living room now, watching football and typing this post, and you walked around the corner and yelled “Boo”!  You can tell that you aren’t too tired, but you have to get up early tomorrow and take Emerson to preschool.

You seem to be taking very well to your Mother staying home with you.  Ever since your Mom made the change you seem to be learning things very quickly.  Yesterday we had a book a stickers and I was asking you what was what.  You did amazingly well, in fact I only remember you missing one.  I showed you a sticker of a fox and you said it was a squirrel.  Haha!

Halloween was this weekend.  You were Princess Peach (from the Super Mario Brothers series).  You were very cute and absolutely enjoy the princess lifestyle.  I remember last week you were messing with your Mother.  You were examining her teeth and your Mother asked you “Arden, are you going to be a dentist when you grow up?”, you replied “No, I am a princess.”  I have no doubt that you mean it.

  • Word Of The Day: Princess


8/3/14 – Sunday

Little Miss,

It’s a beautiful Sunday evening.  Scientists have still not figured it out, but somehow you continue to get cuter and cuter.  They’re worried that you might suffer from a cuteness overload.  Lately you’ve been singing and dancing more and more, which is so much fun to watch.  You have the stereotypical little girl voice and you love the most girly things.  I love having you around because you fit with Emerson so well as he’s a boy’s boy.  You are also something that is completely new to me.  I didn’t grow up around little girls, so this is all new to me.  My favorite part of having a little girl (you!) is probably the singing and dancing, oh and playing with your hair.  I’ve told Abby before, but you’re likely the only one that will be able to get me out on the dance floor…and she’s been trying for a long time.

Nothing has changed on the nutrient front, you’re still eating like a bird.  You’re very picky, but as I have mentioned before your favorite food is pasta.  You also love milk, in fact you just went to bed and you’ve reminded me of another ritual.  Each night we put you in your crib in your room and in a few minutes you will call us back in.  You always request socks and milk.  It’s pretty funny and incredibly consistent.  I am sure I have mentioned this before, but I am going to do it again given how much we deal with it.  You often take bites of food and then store it in your cheeks.  This is your one habit that drives me bananas!  Just chew it and swallow!

You really love to watch The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  I am excited for you because when we go to Florida in about a month we intend to spend a day at Disney World.  While we’re there you will be able to meet all of your favorites.  I look forward to seeing your face when you first see Mickey and Minnie…I am sure it’s going to be quite an event.  I think you may be too young to remember, but I hope you’re old enough to enjoy it.

  • Word Of The Day: Vacation

6/28/14 – Saturday

Miss Arden,

Happy 2nd birthday!  Of course I am a day late, but you know what I’m saying.  Anyway, you have finally fallen asleep from the small birthday party that we had for you today.  You started by smashing up a Minnie Mouse pinata, then there were presents, cake, fireworks, and then baths!

You have definitely broken out of any shell that you were once in.  You are so much more outgoing than Emerson was at your age.  I am not sure if I should be happy about that or not!  I think it is a good thing, so I am going with a ‘Yes’.  You are singing a lot, dancing, typical girly stuff.

When you are in good moods you and your brother get along so well.  Lately, however, you two have found ways to get under each other’s skin.  For instance you scream and he cries really loud when the other has wronged you.  For instance, you barely hit Emerson with a bat today and he cried for 5 minutes.  Later he wouldn’t give you a plastic cell phone and you screamed your head off.  It’s funny, but it gets old pretty quickly.

Well, I’m starting to fall asleep as I type this.

  • Word Of The Day: Birthday!

5/19/14 – Monday

Little Miss,

Wow, I am really behind on my blogging.  I wish it weren’t the case because when I don’t blog for a long time I tend to forget the little things that this blog was intended for.  I apologize for that.  Anyway, where was I?  You continue to grow/develop very quickly.  You are talking much more than during my last post.  You often surprise me with the things you’re capable of saying.  You still have an odd (toddler) pronunciation of many words but others you say perfectly.  You still call me ‘Mommy’ most of the time, but that is something I am willing to forgive you for.

You are beginning to enjoy toys that are a big more advanced.  You are also quite satisfied with playing by yourself.  Sometimes I will think to myself that I haven’t heard you recently (great parenting, I know) and when I go check on you in your room you’re simply there playing with things you’ve dug out of your toy box.  I bought you a big four-square ball yesterday and you love it.  The problem, however, is that your brother also loves it, so for the past two days you two have fought over it.  You two need to learn to share or that ball is going to disappear!  :)

You still are not eating much at all, which also gets me fired up.  While I’m on the topic, another thing is that dang pacifier!  One of these days you are going to wake up and they will all have disappeared…

You really enjoy watching/reading/playing with Elmo and Mickey Mouse.  You talk about them all the time.  You really love to talk, sing, and dance.  You love going to bed and taking naps.  I am so thankful for this!  You also love laying on the living room floor with your brother and your sleeping bags while you watch a movie together.  This is really sweet.  You love singing the alphabet, counting, and practicing your animal sounds.  We were playing with a giraffe this evening and I asked you what sound it made.  You replied “Neeeeeeigh” which I thought was pretty appropriate, but I dropped it because I wasn’t even sure what sound a giraffe makes.  Also, you love milk.  You’d rather drink milk all day than eat.  Maybe that’s why you’re still so tiny.  Lastly, you also love chocolate.  Your favorite types of chocolate are chocolate chips and M&M’s.

Some things that you’re saying that is pretty funny:

  • “No, thank you.” – This is funny because you are so polite.  We will say “Arden, it’s time for a bath” and you’ll respond with “No, thank you.” and a great big smile.
  • “Emersent”
  • “What’s that noise?!?”
  • “No, Tonka!”
  • “Mine” – And other various


  • Word of the Day: Chatterbox

3/30/14 – Sunday


I apologize for the late post, things have been crazy lately.  Well, we’ve bought a new and sold our old home!  That, in and of itself, is plenty enough to keep us very busy.

You are doing very well.  You are saying more and more each day.  Lately you’ve been working on names, a few numbers, and very simple phrases.  Your hair is growing in very well too, you are awfully cute.  We got a video of you this week saying your name.  You pronounced your name as ‘Ardie’.  It was awfully sweet.  Some of the funniest things you’ve been saying lately: “Daddy”, “Mommy Walk”, “No Bye Bye”, “Help”, “Stuck”, ‘Hotdog”, “Stop”, and “Jiggity Jog”.  You’ve been singing and dancing a lot lately, too.  Another thing that’s really cute is when you talk to yourself in the mirror.

At our new home we have a few things that you’ve caught on to.  You love playing on the trampoline and the swing/play set.  You are not fond of the Jacuzzi tub in the master bathroom though, I think it scared you fairly well.  So far, tub aside, you seem to be enjoying the new home a great deal.  We close on our old home on 4/18, so before long this place will be only a memory.  We’ve had some great moments in this house, I am going to miss it quite a lot.

I better get to bed, I am going to pass out.  We have been working on the house for 3 solid days.

  • Word of the day:  Exhausted

2/9/14 – Sunday

Skinny Love,

I love the song ‘Skinny Love’ by Bon Iver and when I was listening to it today I thought it would be a great nickname for you.  I have been calling you ‘Little Miss’ for as long as I can remember, so I am not sure I am going to be able to break that habit.

Lately you have been very loving, which is just an awesome feeling.  Up to this point you’re always looking for Momma, so now that you seem to recognize me it feels great.  I really love when you give me hugs and kisses, but my favorite time is play time.  I wouldn’t say that you have any particular activities at this point, you love playing with everything.

One of the funniest things that you’ve been doing lately is tickling.  I’ve tried to record it a few times, but I haven’t been extremely successful.  You have such a cute cartoon-like voice, I can’t get enough.

Late last week your eye started to bother you.  It got pretty bad Thursday night, and when you woke Friday morning your eye was sealed with snotty puss.  So, of course, we called the doctor.  We got set up with an appointment in the late afternoon, but by the time we left work and got you, your eye seemed fine.  So we cancelled the appointment at the last minute.  Well, that was a mistake.  Late Saturday it started to come back and both Sunday and Monday morning were bad.  We got you into the doctor early Monday morning and he confirmed it was pink-eye.  So, over the last week we’ve been giving you eye drops four times a day.  At first it was quite a scene but now you’re handling it just fine.  It’s amazing how easily you young children adapt to new situations.

A few funny things you’ve been doing lately:

  • You’ve been saying “Nopes” instead of no.  “Oh nopes!”
  • You’ve been calling your Mother “Mommies”.
  • I’ve been trying to teach you to say “You’re welcome” but you’re saying it when you should be saying “Thank You”.
  • You’ve been singing and dancing quite a lot.  This likely is a function of you and your Mother going to music class each week.  You absolutely love it.  I went with you and your Mother once, but you weren’t feeling well and didn’t seem to have much fun that week…probably because I was there.
  • You’ve been telling us when you want to eat.  You walk over to your high chair and pull it into the kitchen and say “Eat!”
  • You are absolutely in love with brushing your teeth.  Anytime we’re anywhere near the bathroom you will call it out and beg for us to brush your teeth.  You are actually really good at it, so maybe you won’t end up like me when you’re older.

This has been the coldest winter in the history of history.  I cannot stand cold weather!!!  And on that note, cya!

  • Word of the day:  Teeth



1/4/14 – Saturday

Happy New Year!!!

Little Miss Arden, you’ve had a wonderful 2013 and I hope you have an even better 2014!  You have been growing like a weed lately.  You’re saying more words than I can easily list here.  A few of my favorites, however are when you say ‘Elmo’, ‘Horsey’, ‘Oh, No!’, and ‘Where’d he go?”.  You’ve been banging heads with your brother, both figuratively and literally.  Two nights ago you were both sitting on your Mother’s lap playing around and you knocked heads very hard.  You both cried for several minutes, but Emerson ended up being fine whereas you have a huge egg-shaped bruise on your forehead.  I have a picture of myself at your age with the exact same bruise…but I won’t share the picture here because I look like one of the Olsen twins during their early times on Full House.

Your Mother, Grandmother, and Santa went completely crazy this year with Christmas gifts so you’ve been in hog heaven for the last few weeks.  Your Mother and I have also taken quite a bit of time off of work, this coming Monday, however, we will be back to the normal grind.  Before we know it (and likely only one or two blog posts later) it will be your birthday!

We have had a pretty cold winter thus far although we did have a fairly warm day last week.  Yesterday was -7 on my way to work in the morning and they are calling for a HIGH of -10 on Monday!  They are calling for a pretty bad snow storm tonight, so tomorrow you should plan to stay inside with me and drink hot chocolate all day.  We did get to go outside and play in the snow once this winter, but you had so many clothes on it was hard for you to stand, much less move around and have fun.

We took you to your first movie this week (Emerson’s second).  We saw the movie ‘Frozen’. which was very cute.  You did amazingly well.  You sat on my lap for three quarters of the movie, then switched to Momma’s lap.  With about 5 minutes remaining you got fussy, but you powered through to the end and I was very proud.  Our secret to keeping you calm, you ask…popcorn!  You love popcorn (which Emerson pronounces ‘Pa-Corn’).

You are quite the girly girl.  You love playing with ‘babies’ (dolls) and pushing them around in your little strollers.  You’re not the best at steering them (often running into things) but your babies don’t seem to mind much.  You also love playing with any of your brother’s toys.  Lately you’ve been playing with an older magnetic drawing set.  Emerson hadn’t touched it in over a year, but once he saw you liked it then he had to have it :).  You enjoy playing with stuffed animals, working on simple puzzles, listening to us read to you, and listening to music.  I’ve lately noticed that if I mouth the words to a song you often stare at me as though I am the one singing.

Well, I guess that about does it.  I love you very much and I hope you never forget it.

  • Word Of The Day:  Expressive

10/27/13 – Sunday

Little Miss,

Sweet little Arden, I am sorry for taking so long to provide an update.  Things have been pretty busy lately, preparing for the winter.  Everything has been going very well, expect for the recent round of sicknesses.  You had a double ear infection a few weeks back and I don’t think you’ve recovered fully since.  Your Mother took you to the doctor’s last week but they thought your ears looked okay.  We took you in because you are having a very rough time sleeping.  We can usually get you to fall asleep, but you won’t stay down for more than two hours or so.  Then, once you wake up again you won’t go to sleep for much of anything.  You simply demand to lay in your Rock-n-Play and want to watch something on TV or the iPad.  Last week, however, you wouldn’t even do that.  You didn’t want up, or down, to play, or to lay…you simply couldn’t be satisfied.  After several nights of this it wears us out, so we had to take you in to make sure you weren’t sick again.

Aside from the sickness you are doing fantastic.  You are running around like you’ve been doing it all your life.  You still trip yourself up once in a while and it’s pretty darn cute (yes, everything you do it cute, even when you fall).  You are talking quite a bit.  You only know a few phrases at this point, but I am sure they will expand exponentially.  Here is a short list of sayings you’re working on now:

  • “Hey, baby”
  • “Oh no”
  • “Oh wow”
  • “Who”
  • “All gone”
  • “Mama”
  • “Dada”
  • “Tonka”
  • “Ahh choo!”
  • “Moo”
  • “Nose”
  • “What’s that?”

You have a  very fun loving personality.  You love playing and I hope that your laugh is a sound that I will always remember.

Halloween is right around the corner.  I believe you are going to be an ’80’s workout girl in tights and a headband.  I am sure you are going to look adorable.  Your brother is either going to be a mailman, UPS man, ghost, or a werewolf.  I hope you enjoy Halloween, it is one of my most favorite holidays.  I also hope that we have nice warm weather, although I have a feeling it will likely be cold and wet!

Oddly enough I can’t think of too much else that is new.

  • Word Of The Day:  Love

8/29/13 – Thursday

Little Miss,

My dearest sweetheart, I am here again, checking in.  As I have mentioned several times, you have got to be one of the cutest kids to have ever been born.  :)  You are talking quite a bit more each day.  I believe I’ve heard you say ‘Mommy’, ‘Daddy’, ‘Tonka’, ‘Ball’, and ‘Hi’.  I am sure that I am forgetting a few and for that I apologize.

The most exciting news, however, isn’t your speaking but instead your walking!  You are so so close to taking your first few steps.  Tonight you walked two, maybe three, steps when moving from the couch to the ottoman.  I believe that you will be walking within a week.  I believe the only thing holding you back now is your super skinny legs!  I realize that many women grow to have image issues, and that’s a shame, but you surely better not because you’re perfect.

What else is new…well I know one thing, you’re standing in the bath tub which is an absolute ‘no, no’.  You do it over and over even though I’m there reminding you to sit back on your bottom each time.  I have thought about getting upset with you, but I just can’t do it.  You’re sleeping pretty well, but every now and then you have issues.  Your Mother comes to your rescue 95% of the time which is a good thing because I don’t function well when I’m extremely tired and I’m incredibly cranky when I am woken up.  You’re Mother is awesome, by the way, I hope you realize how lucky you are to have her.

You just got home from visiting your grandparents.  I helped get you out of your Mother’s car and you clung to her.  Once I was able to get my hands on you I carried you into the house.  We went to the mirror and looked and laughed for a minute or two, then we chased your brother around the house.  Both you and your brother love this game.  I hold you chest-height but facing the same direction as I am facing and then we chase Emerson around and you try to ‘kick’ him.  We usually catch him and then he falls to the ground where we jump on top of him.  It is quite a fun time.  Our other game is playing hide and seek.  Typically you and I are hiding from him, but occasionally we search for him too.  Emerson calls this game ‘Hide and Tag Peek-A-Boo’.

Final observations of the day:

  • You are incredibly calm.  Whether it’s Tonka barking, Emerson yelling, Elliot knocking you over, it doesn’t matter because you’re cool as a cucumber.  I love this about you, I hope it sticks!
  • You are naturally very happy.  You’re always smiling, rarely crying, and constantly giggling.  I would do absolutely anything if it meant that you’d be happy forever, I mean that.
  • You love music.  You are dancing nearly every time you hear music playing.  I think this is another sign of your overall joyful nature.  I don’t remember Emerson enjoying it quite so much.  Speaking of, your Mother signed you and Emerson up for a local music class which will be starting before too long.  You will be taking the class with your Aunt Kelsey and cousin Elliot.  I think you are going to have a great time.  :)


  • Word of the Day: Gorgeous

Arden 20130827

7/17/13 – Wednesday


My adorable, sweet, vibrant, passionate Miss Arden.  For a while I’ve been calling you “Noodle” because you absolutely love all forms of pasta.  In fact, it’s often the only food you’re interested in eating.  I wish I could change that, only because you’re such a little bird, but if that’s what you want then I’ll support it!

Many people ask me, “What is it like to have a daughter?”.  Every time this happens, I think back to a conversation I had with my CEO several years ago.  He explained that being a father is such an amazing gift and that in and of itself it’s something that will change you forever.  He continued, stopping me before I responded, that having a daughter takes fatherhood to the next level.  He explained that there’s just something about it.  I listened, as I typically do, but it didn’t really click.  I believe the reason was because at this time I had just had a son, your big brother Emerson.  I was so amazed at being a father that I honestly couldn’t contemplate being even more overwhelmed with joy.  That feeling changed the day I met you, just as he predicted.  I can’t explain it, but there’s a feeling that I get when I look at you, hear you, see you, or even think of you.  Keep in mind, I would do anything for Emerson, but there’s a special place in my heart for you and it will always be yours.

You have hundreds of teeth coming in, all at once it seems.  You’re talking more and more and more each passing day.  You’re crawling like a master and within the last week or so you’ve been pulling yourself up and really pushing to walk.  Sometimes you get upset if we do anything with you other than helping you to walk.  What I mean is that you don’t want to sit, you don’t want to lay or be held, instead you want to walk!  I have a feeling that it won’t be too long before you’re chasing your brother down the hallway.

You still have a bit of cradle cap on your head and a few small rashes (face, chin, wrist, etc.).  You are extremely petite and don’t have much hair.  I know I’ve mentioned it a few times on the blog already, but it does look like there’s a decent chance you will be a redhead like your Mother.  You have big beautiful eyes, tiny little feet, and you’re legs look like two little string beans.

I don’t recall if I have mentioned it before or not, but if so it’s worth noting again.  You love playing in water.  Whether it’s in the tub, sink, pool, or puddle it’s guaranteed that you are having a blast.  I have never experienced a time in which we’ve removed you from water and you haven’t dramatically expressed your displeasure.  I probably shouldn’t admit this, but it’s a bit funny when you throw such a huge fit over a small issue.

Well, I think that about does it for today’s update.  I love you very much, I hope you never forget that.

  • Word of the Day: Daughter