Hello there, sorry it has been so long since I last wrote.  Work has been very busy lately as I lost a colleague and our team is taking on his work.  This is quite a challenge, but at least it keeps us out of trouble.  In addition to work I’ve recently joined the Chatham Jaycees (a volunteer organization) and was also appointed to the Chatham Public Parks and Recreation Commission as the Jaycee’s Representative.  On top of that I am working to try to sell your great grandma Phyl’s home in Springfield.  Perhaps the approaching winter will slow things down.

You have really begun to blossom.  Your hair is a perfect example, you have quite the do working.  Right now it is a little out-of-control but it is in a weird phase where it is’t long enough to do too much with.  It is quite curly and definitely red!  Your teeth are very nice, but they are not perfectly straight…perhaps that’s because you use a pacifier at night.  You are talking up a storm.  We visited your great grandma Phyl last night and even she mentioned something about how much you were talking.  This is quite a feat because grandma doesn’t hear too well.  :)

Since my last post we’ve announced that we will be having a third child!  You are going to be a big sister!  As you might suspect, we are very excited.  We have started preparing for the baby that is expected to arrive around April 21st.  We believe that we will put the baby in your room and let you and Emerson share a room.  So, we needed to get you out of the crib.  To do this we first modified the crib so that you could enter and exit freely.  That was a bit of a mistake because you had a hard time staying in bed at night!  You would wander around whenever you felt the desire.  Several times you went into Emerson’s room and played with his toys while he was sleeping.  You came into our room at various times throughout the night.  Many times you came in without waking me (thanks, Abby!), but I can remember several times where you would walk into our room and growl like a monster.  You are quite a jokester.  Well, you probably won’t believe this, but you just did it again.  I am in the living room now, watching football and typing this post, and you walked around the corner and yelled “Boo”!  You can tell that you aren’t too tired, but you have to get up early tomorrow and take Emerson to preschool.

You seem to be taking very well to your Mother staying home with you.  Ever since your Mom made the change you seem to be learning things very quickly.  Yesterday we had a book a stickers and I was asking you what was what.  You did amazingly well, in fact I only remember you missing one.  I showed you a sticker of a fox and you said it was a squirrel.  Haha!

Halloween was this weekend.  You were Princess Peach (from the Super Mario Brothers series).  You were very cute and absolutely enjoy the princess lifestyle.  I remember last week you were messing with your Mother.  You were examining her teeth and your Mother asked you “Arden, are you going to be a dentist when you grow up?”, you replied “No, I am a princess.”  I have no doubt that you mean it.

  • Word Of The Day: Princess