Little Miss,

It’s a beautiful Sunday evening.  Scientists have still not figured it out, but somehow you continue to get cuter and cuter.  They’re worried that you might suffer from a cuteness overload.  Lately you’ve been singing and dancing more and more, which is so much fun to watch.  You have the stereotypical little girl voice and you love the most girly things.  I love having you around because you fit with Emerson so well as he’s a boy’s boy.  You are also something that is completely new to me.  I didn’t grow up around little girls, so this is all new to me.  My favorite part of having a little girl (you!) is probably the singing and dancing, oh and playing with your hair.  I’ve told Abby before, but you’re likely the only one that will be able to get me out on the dance floor…and she’s been trying for a long time.

Nothing has changed on the nutrient front, you’re still eating like a bird.  You’re very picky, but as I have mentioned before your favorite food is pasta.  You also love milk, in fact you just went to bed and you’ve reminded me of another ritual.  Each night we put you in your crib in your room and in a few minutes you will call us back in.  You always request socks and milk.  It’s pretty funny and incredibly consistent.  I am sure I have mentioned this before, but I am going to do it again given how much we deal with it.  You often take bites of food and then store it in your cheeks.  This is your one habit that drives me bananas!  Just chew it and swallow!

You really love to watch The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  I am excited for you because when we go to Florida in about a month we intend to spend a day at Disney World.  While we’re there you will be able to meet all of your favorites.  I look forward to seeing your face when you first see Mickey and Minnie…I am sure it’s going to be quite an event.  I think you may be too young to remember, but I hope you’re old enough to enjoy it.

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