I apologize for the late post, things have been crazy lately.  Well, we’ve bought a new and sold our old home!  That, in and of itself, is plenty enough to keep us very busy.

You are doing very well.  You are saying more and more each day.  Lately you’ve been working on names, a few numbers, and very simple phrases.  Your hair is growing in very well too, you are awfully cute.  We got a video of you this week saying your name.  You pronounced your name as ‘Ardie’.  It was awfully sweet.  Some of the funniest things you’ve been saying lately: “Daddy”, “Mommy Walk”, “No Bye Bye”, “Help”, “Stuck”, ‘Hotdog”, “Stop”, and “Jiggity Jog”.  You’ve been singing and dancing a lot lately, too.  Another thing that’s really cute is when you talk to yourself in the mirror.

At our new home we have a few things that you’ve caught on to.  You love playing on the trampoline and the swing/play set.  You are not fond of the Jacuzzi tub in the master bathroom though, I think it scared you fairly well.  So far, tub aside, you seem to be enjoying the new home a great deal.  We close on our old home on 4/18, so before long this place will be only a memory.  We’ve had some great moments in this house, I am going to miss it quite a lot.

I better get to bed, I am going to pass out.  We have been working on the house for 3 solid days.

  • Word of the day:  Exhausted