Skinny Love,

I love the song ‘Skinny Love’ by Bon Iver and when I was listening to it today I thought it would be a great nickname for you.  I have been calling you ‘Little Miss’ for as long as I can remember, so I am not sure I am going to be able to break that habit.

Lately you have been very loving, which is just an awesome feeling.  Up to this point you’re always looking for Momma, so now that you seem to recognize me it feels great.  I really love when you give me hugs and kisses, but my favorite time is play time.  I wouldn’t say that you have any particular activities at this point, you love playing with everything.

One of the funniest things that you’ve been doing lately is tickling.  I’ve tried to record it a few times, but I haven’t been extremely successful.  You have such a cute cartoon-like voice, I can’t get enough.

Late last week your eye started to bother you.  It got pretty bad Thursday night, and when you woke Friday morning your eye was sealed with snotty puss.  So, of course, we called the doctor.  We got set up with an appointment in the late afternoon, but by the time we left work and got you, your eye seemed fine.  So we cancelled the appointment at the last minute.  Well, that was a mistake.  Late Saturday it started to come back and both Sunday and Monday morning were bad.  We got you into the doctor early Monday morning and he confirmed it was pink-eye.  So, over the last week we’ve been giving you eye drops four times a day.  At first it was quite a scene but now you’re handling it just fine.  It’s amazing how easily you young children adapt to new situations.

A few funny things you’ve been doing lately:

  • You’ve been saying “Nopes” instead of no.  “Oh nopes!”
  • You’ve been calling your Mother “Mommies”.
  • I’ve been trying to teach you to say “You’re welcome” but you’re saying it when you should be saying “Thank You”.
  • You’ve been singing and dancing quite a lot.  This likely is a function of you and your Mother going to music class each week.  You absolutely love it.  I went with you and your Mother once, but you weren’t feeling well and didn’t seem to have much fun that week…probably because I was there.
  • You’ve been telling us when you want to eat.  You walk over to your high chair and pull it into the kitchen and say “Eat!”
  • You are absolutely in love with brushing your teeth.  Anytime we’re anywhere near the bathroom you will call it out and beg for us to brush your teeth.  You are actually really good at it, so maybe you won’t end up like me when you’re older.

This has been the coldest winter in the history of history.  I cannot stand cold weather!!!  And on that note, cya!

  • Word of the day:  Teeth