Happy New Year!!!

Little Miss Arden, you’ve had a wonderful 2013 and I hope you have an even better 2014!  You have been growing like a weed lately.  You’re saying more words than I can easily list here.  A few of my favorites, however are when you say ‘Elmo’, ‘Horsey’, ‘Oh, No!’, and ‘Where’d he go?”.  You’ve been banging heads with your brother, both figuratively and literally.  Two nights ago you were both sitting on your Mother’s lap playing around and you knocked heads very hard.  You both cried for several minutes, but Emerson ended up being fine whereas you have a huge egg-shaped bruise on your forehead.  I have a picture of myself at your age with the exact same bruise…but I won’t share the picture here because I look like one of the Olsen twins during their early times on Full House.

Your Mother, Grandmother, and Santa went completely crazy this year with Christmas gifts so you’ve been in hog heaven for the last few weeks.  Your Mother and I have also taken quite a bit of time off of work, this coming Monday, however, we will be back to the normal grind.  Before we know it (and likely only one or two blog posts later) it will be your birthday!

We have had a pretty cold winter thus far although we did have a fairly warm day last week.  Yesterday was -7 on my way to work in the morning and they are calling for a HIGH of -10 on Monday!  They are calling for a pretty bad snow storm tonight, so tomorrow you should plan to stay inside with me and drink hot chocolate all day.  We did get to go outside and play in the snow once this winter, but you had so many clothes on it was hard for you to stand, much less move around and have fun.

We took you to your first movie this week (Emerson’s second).  We saw the movie ‘Frozen’. which was very cute.  You did amazingly well.  You sat on my lap for three quarters of the movie, then switched to Momma’s lap.  With about 5 minutes remaining you got fussy, but you powered through to the end and I was very proud.  Our secret to keeping you calm, you ask…popcorn!  You love popcorn (which Emerson pronounces ‘Pa-Corn’).

You are quite the girly girl.  You love playing with ‘babies’ (dolls) and pushing them around in your little strollers.  You’re not the best at steering them (often running into things) but your babies don’t seem to mind much.  You also love playing with any of your brother’s toys.  Lately you’ve been playing with an older magnetic drawing set.  Emerson hadn’t touched it in over a year, but once he saw you liked it then he had to have it :).  You enjoy playing with stuffed animals, working on simple puzzles, listening to us read to you, and listening to music.  I’ve lately noticed that if I mouth the words to a song you often stare at me as though I am the one singing.

Well, I guess that about does it.  I love you very much and I hope you never forget it.

  • Word Of The Day:  Expressive