Little Miss,

Sweet little Arden, I am sorry for taking so long to provide an update.  Things have been pretty busy lately, preparing for the winter.  Everything has been going very well, expect for the recent round of sicknesses.  You had a double ear infection a few weeks back and I don’t think you’ve recovered fully since.  Your Mother took you to the doctor’s last week but they thought your ears looked okay.  We took you in because you are having a very rough time sleeping.  We can usually get you to fall asleep, but you won’t stay down for more than two hours or so.  Then, once you wake up again you won’t go to sleep for much of anything.  You simply demand to lay in your Rock-n-Play and want to watch something on TV or the iPad.  Last week, however, you wouldn’t even do that.  You didn’t want up, or down, to play, or to lay…you simply couldn’t be satisfied.  After several nights of this it wears us out, so we had to take you in to make sure you weren’t sick again.

Aside from the sickness you are doing fantastic.  You are running around like you’ve been doing it all your life.  You still trip yourself up once in a while and it’s pretty darn cute (yes, everything you do it cute, even when you fall).  You are talking quite a bit.  You only know a few phrases at this point, but I am sure they will expand exponentially.  Here is a short list of sayings you’re working on now:

  • “Hey, baby”
  • “Oh no”
  • “Oh wow”
  • “Who”
  • “All gone”
  • “Mama”
  • “Dada”
  • “Tonka”
  • “Ahh choo!”
  • “Moo”
  • “Nose”
  • “What’s that?”

You have a  very fun loving personality.  You love playing and I hope that your laugh is a sound that I will always remember.

Halloween is right around the corner.  I believe you are going to be an ’80’s workout girl in tights and a headband.  I am sure you are going to look adorable.  Your brother is either going to be a mailman, UPS man, ghost, or a werewolf.  I hope you enjoy Halloween, it is one of my most favorite holidays.  I also hope that we have nice warm weather, although I have a feeling it will likely be cold and wet!

Oddly enough I can’t think of too much else that is new.

  • Word Of The Day:  Love