My adorable, sweet, vibrant, passionate Miss Arden.  For a while I’ve been calling you “Noodle” because you absolutely love all forms of pasta.  In fact, it’s often the only food you’re interested in eating.  I wish I could change that, only because you’re such a little bird, but if that’s what you want then I’ll support it!

Many people ask me, “What is it like to have a daughter?”.  Every time this happens, I think back to a conversation I had with my CEO several years ago.  He explained that being a father is such an amazing gift and that in and of itself it’s something that will change you forever.  He continued, stopping me before I responded, that having a daughter takes fatherhood to the next level.  He explained that there’s just something about it.  I listened, as I typically do, but it didn’t really click.  I believe the reason was because at this time I had just had a son, your big brother Emerson.  I was so amazed at being a father that I honestly couldn’t contemplate being even more overwhelmed with joy.  That feeling changed the day I met you, just as he predicted.  I can’t explain it, but there’s a feeling that I get when I look at you, hear you, see you, or even think of you.  Keep in mind, I would do anything for Emerson, but there’s a special place in my heart for you and it will always be yours.

You have hundreds of teeth coming in, all at once it seems.  You’re talking more and more and more each passing day.  You’re crawling like a master and within the last week or so you’ve been pulling yourself up and really pushing to walk.  Sometimes you get upset if we do anything with you other than helping you to walk.  What I mean is that you don’t want to sit, you don’t want to lay or be held, instead you want to walk!  I have a feeling that it won’t be too long before you’re chasing your brother down the hallway.

You still have a bit of cradle cap on your head and a few small rashes (face, chin, wrist, etc.).  You are extremely petite and don’t have much hair.  I know I’ve mentioned it a few times on the blog already, but it does look like there’s a decent chance you will be a redhead like your Mother.  You have big beautiful eyes, tiny little feet, and you’re legs look like two little string beans.

I don’t recall if I have mentioned it before or not, but if so it’s worth noting again.  You love playing in water.  Whether it’s in the tub, sink, pool, or puddle it’s guaranteed that you are having a blast.  I have never experienced a time in which we’ve removed you from water and you haven’t dramatically expressed your displeasure.  I probably shouldn’t admit this, but it’s a bit funny when you throw such a huge fit over a small issue.

Well, I think that about does it for today’s update.  I love you very much, I hope you never forget that.

  • Word of the Day: Daughter