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6/27/13 – Thursday

Happy Birthday, Miss Arden!

You are such an amazing young girl.  You have such an infectious smile and your laugh makes my heart melt.  As you’re well aware, today is your first birthday.  You’ve grown an awful lot lately and I apologize that I am not blogging as much as I thought.  There is definitely much less spare time with two of you running around all night!  You still are not eating very much and you’re not drinking much either.  Your Mother has been taking you to eating therapy each week to see if there’s anything wrong.  We also took you to the hospital to have a video x-ray taken as you drank to ensure that your food was going down the right pipes.  The appointment went well and they thought things looked good.  The last report from your Mother was that you had gained 7 ounces since last week’s appointment (which is good).  Over the last three weeks you weighed in at 15 pounds 8 ounces, 15 pounds 6.5 ounces, and 15 pounds 13 ounces.  Please, start eating and drinking a lot so I can stop worrying!

We took your first birthday pictures last weekend and it was so much fun.  The pictures are beautiful and you and your brother are just perfect.  At one point you fell out of the chair right on to your face but thankfully it was into the grass and you really weren’t hurt, you were just stunned a bit.

What’s new you ask?  Well, your teeth are coming in hot and heavy.  You have two through on the bottom and another one working.  I believe you have four teeth popping through on the top.  Lots of teeth.  Soon enough you’ll probably start biting me with them!  You’re crawling a lot, standing up quite a bit, but not really walking much yet.  You’re talking quite a bit and it is very cute.  In fact you borrowed my phone today and recorded a video yourself.  It is pretty funny and you talk a little bit on it.  Look in my video files from today and you’ll be sure to find it.  You sleep pretty well, but you still soothe yourself with a pacifier.  Hopefully we can wean you from that soon.  You love to read books, in fact you’d be happy sitting by yourself flipping through the pages of a few books.  You really love music, you dance every time you hear it.  Another thing you love is to chase your brother around the house…you both giggle the entire time, it’s adorable.

Well, that’s enough for tonight.  We’re having a small birthday party for you on Saturday.  Hopefully you will get to see a lot of family and have a great time.  I am sure you will win them over with your beautiful smile.

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With deep sorrow I am writing to report the passing of your Grandmother, my Mother, Pati.  It’s been nearly a month and things haven’t gotten much easier.  I believe I’ve gone through most of the phases of loss and now I’m stuck here at sadness.  I think about all of the things she’ll miss and even worse her limited involvement in your life.

Your Grandmother was an extremely caring person with a great sense of humor.  She loved her grandchildren even more than her own children, in fact she had a tattoo on her foot of numerous flowers.  They represented the birth flowers of all fourteen of her grandchildren.  She was incredibly tough, reliable, and also independent.  She successfully raised three very different boys, that in and of itself is quite a feat.

Mom has been sick for many years, in fact the doctors originally thought we’d lose her much sooner than we actually did.  I believe this speaks to her toughness and eagerness to prove her critics wrong.  Mom always suffered from breathing issues.  As I grew she constantly dealt with issues caused by asthma and allergies.  Around the time I left for college she ran into an illness named ‘Aspergillus’.  The disease progressively weakened my Mother’s ability to breath.  She went through hundreds of treatments, spent a long time in hospitals (32 days on this last trip), and eventually passed.

Sometimes I just want to scream, often wondering why it had to happen to her, but I know it’s not going to bring her back.  She was a great woman and the world is a darker place without her.  I am very sorry that you didn’t grow to know her well, I wish I could have done something to change that.  Please just do me a favor and remember her as a beautiful, loving, strong, and funny woman that would have done anything for you, because that’s the truth.  Do her one favor and live every day as if it were your last, because as much as it sickens me to say, one of these days it will be.

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