Little Miss,

Ugh, what a week!  You and your brother have both been very sick and it has been completely awful.  I am not sure what had your brother down, but the doctors said that your trouble was due to an ear infection.  The ear infection itself was no fun, but giving you medicine was much worse.  You react to medicine the same way you react to getting shots at the doctor’s office!  Every time we gave you medicine you would spit it right back out.  We tried every trick but not much seemed to work.  The only thing that worked at all was to put our finger in your mouth (similar to a “fish hook” maneuver).  The problem with this approach, besides it freaking you out like none other, is that you use my fingers to break your new teeth in.  OUCH!  I hope you get well soon, I am not sure how much more I can take.

We had your nine-month doctor’s appointment on 3/29.  You weighed in a 15 pounds 3 ounces (7th percentile).  You measured 26 and 3/4 inches (18th percentile).  Your head circumference was 45 centimeters (80th percentile).  Lastly, your heart rate was 112 BPM before the shots and 3,000 BPM after the shots!  Overall the doctor said you are very healthy and right on track.  He believes that you’re likely going to be petite, I’m guessing you will end up looking a lot like your Mother.

Last week we watched as the Boston Marathon was the latest event that terrorized the media.  The world is pretty messed up.  I am not sure why people do crazy things like that, but I’ve learned that there’s nothing we can do to stop other people from hurting others.  Be safe out there.

  • Word of the Day: Medicine