Another snowy day in central Illinois!  It seems like we’ve gotten a lot this year, at least compared to several years past.  You’re still a bit too young to play in it, but maybe next year.  Your brother and I played today while you and your Mother stayed inside and laughed at us from the window.

You are amazingly cute.  Your hair’s coming in a bit, still not sure what color it is.  Still no teeth broken through, maybe soon.  You are clapping, waving, and talking constantly.  You’re just now starting to eat foods.  I know your Mother tried several different things, but you didn’t seem to take to any of them.

I’ve probably already mentioned some of these things, but here is a list of things that you really enjoy:

  1. Your Mother!
  2. Emerson
  3. Baths
  4. Music
  5. Drinking from a sippy cup
  6. Snacks
  7. Bouncing
  8. Dogs
  9. Cartoons
  10. Dancing

All is well.  We have a doctor’s appointment coming up soon, I’ll update you afterwards.  I love you.

  • Word of the Day: Peach Fuzz