Miss Arden,

I’m very sorry that I haven’t kept up as much as I would have liked!  Things have been busy but that is no excuse.  You are so stinking cute, I can hardly handle it.  You are growing up quickly, you can sit on your own and you can stand with help.  You chat quite a bit but other than that you’re a pretty calm baby.

You still have barely any hair.  Given that you’re nearly seven months old I’m beginning to worry…just kidding.  I would say that your hair is a reddish blonde.  I remember Emerson’s hair being the same color, so I think you’re going to end up as a blonde (as he did).  You have a small area of dry skin on your left cheek.  When we apply medicine it goes away, but if we don’t apply medicine it will come back in just a few days.  Emerson had a similar spot on his chin and now it’s completely gone.

Still no teeth, but you chew on things constantly.  We’ve had a difficult time getting you to eat solids lately but the past two days you’ve done well, so hopefully we’re turning a corner.  You still fairly well but still don’t sleep through the night.  You’re sleeping in a bassinet in our bedroom.  I’ll have to look back to see when we moved Emerson into his room, it seems like he was a little bit older than you are now.

You enjoy music, you love dancing, and you can’t get enough of your big brother.  You will just sit there and stare at him, it’s really cute.  You’re starting to reach out for us if we go to pick you up, more so your Mother than me…I understand.  You are definitely ticklish, hearing your laugh definitely brightens my day.

Last week we had a doctor’s appointment.  Everything went very well, except for the end when we got four shots!  Good news is that you won’t get another shot until you’ve doubled in age.  You weighed in at 13 pounds 9.4 ounces.  This left you in only the 5th percentile.  You’re a skinny little thing!  You were 26 inches long which left you in the 38th percentile.  Your head, however, measured 17.5 inches (91st percentile)!  So you’re super skinny, average height, and you have a big melon.  I am positive, however, that you are the cutest girl on the planet.

I love you very much.

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