Miss Arden,

Hello there, cute-stuff!  You are growing quite well; you’re starting to hold your head up more and more.   You have been sleeping quite a bit but I am sure that’s just because you’re in a spurt.  While awake you’re very attentive and you like to be in the thick of the action.  You “talk” quite a bit but also seem to enjoy listening to everyone else as well.  You’ve been drooling a lot so I’m guessing we’ll see some teeth pop up before long, either that or it’s your way of showing us you’re hungry :).  You are still rubbing your eyes a lot when you’re sleepy.  I am not sure if it’s an allergy or just comforting to you.  Lately we’ve been wrapping you up at night so that your arms are a bit restricted.  Once we do that you seem to sleep just fine, which makes me think it’s not an allergy.  The last observance I will make is that sometimes when Emerson cries you also cry.  It’s hard not to laugh because it’s just really cute.  It goes without saying that we don’t want either of you to cry but sometimes it’s funny to watch you two keep each other going.

What’s new: Well up to this point you’ve had the joy of staying home with your Mother.  A few weeks ago Emerson’s home daycare backed out, so he’s been staying home with you two as well.  This coming Monday, however, Momma is heading back to work.  As a result both you and Emerson will be staying with your Aunt Kelsey and your cousin Elliot.  I am excited for the change but still a bit nervous at the same time.  I hope that all three of you adapt well but I know it won’t be easy.  You’re starting to play with your toys a bit, as opposed to just looking at them.  You have some of the cutest outfits on earth, but most of that credit is owed to your Mother, but if you weren’t so cute then the outfits would just be so-so.  You’re starting to laugh a bit but I still haven’t heard any belly laughs just yet.

Fall is right around the corner.  I am excited for Halloween but I am not sure what you’re planning to dress up as this year…I guess we’ll see.  I think you should be a cow-girl and your brother should be a bull…that’d be funny.  Or we could dress you as your Mother and Emerson could dress as me :).  What do you want to be?

  • Word Of The Day: Bumbo