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6/30/12 – Saturday

Cuddle Buddy,

It has been a busy few days since your arrival.  We were able to leave the hospital around 6:00 PM on Thursday so tonight will be your third night at home.  Up to this point you refuse to sleep for more than a few minutes without being held.  Your Mother has tried just about everything but so far we’ve had no luck.  Tonight we are going to try to put you down in your swing as opposed to your bassinet.

You’ve been napping quite a bit these past few days.  You are quite most of the time but occasionally you will let out a loud cry that sounds like a bird or a cat :).  You have been feeding quite frequently which is difficult on your Mother.  Hopefully her milk will come in soon and you can take larger meals a bit less often.

So far you and your brother are getting along very well.  He is quite loving but he hasn’t learned to be quiet while you’re sleeping.  So far everything has worked out though, so I am sure you will be fine.  He talks about you a lot and loves to watch you whenever you’re up to something (eating, diapers, etc.).

Ever since you were born I have believed you look a lot like Emerson did when he was your age.  I believe that most people now agree with me, but I guess only time will tell.

You occasionally jump in your sleep as if you’ve been startled.  It’s really cute but I am sure you’re getting tired of it!

I forgot to mention that you failed your hearing exam at the hospital.  They put headphones on you while you’re asleep along with monitors that measure your brain activity after then send a sound to a particular ear.  They mentioned that you failed in the left ear but that could be because you weren’t in a deep enough sleep or perhaps there is some fluid build-up in your ear due to delivery.  They retested you on Thursday and everything was perfect.  You had us worried but it all turned out okay.

I also forgot to mention that you’ve arrived during some of the hottest temperatures I remember in a long time.  It was in the 100-102 range on Wednesday and Thursday and has been hot ever since.  In addition to it being very hot it’s also been very dry so the crops in the fields near by are starting to struggle.  As a result of this heat you really haven’t been outside very much these first few days.

Not much else is going on really.  You’ve met some more family, rode in the car with your brother for the first time, and hung out at grandma and grandpa Pillsbury’s house this evening.  All is well.

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  • 6/27/12 – Wednesday


    It feels so great to be able to address you by your first name without having to be secretive!  We are here at the hospital, waiting for your arrival.  Rather than submitting multiple posts today I am just going to do one log.

    • 6:15 AM – Left the house, brother’s sleeping and Grandma Pillsbury is looking after him.  On the way to the hospital we took guesses as to the time you’d be delivered and your weight.  Here it is: Abby – 8 pounds 7 ounces at 6:00 PM; Dewey – 8 pounds 3 ounces at 4:13 PM
    • 7:00 AM – We were checked in pretty smoothly.  We are the only delivery patient at this time, which is nice because it’s very quiet up here.  We are in room 324 at St. John’s Hospital in Springfield, IL.  Our nurse is named Lisa and she is pretty funny.  The air conditioning was set to 55 and I am freezing!
    • 8:25 AM – Because we are here 5 days before your due date we got set up with Pitocin which is a drug the doctors use to trigger contractions.  Your Mother is still dilated between 2 and 3 centimeters and your heart rate is moving from the 130’s  up to as high as 178 BPM at one point (yes I am sitting here listening and watching).  Your Mother looks comfy, but I believe before too long she will get a bit antsy.
    • 10:00 AM – Your Mother is taking a nap, I hope she can get some rest as your brother kept us up pretty late last night.  I am sure too that even when she did sleep it wasn’t very sound because she’s been very excited to meet you.  Eh, never mind, she just woke up :).
    • 1:15 PM – Dr. Stone arrived and broke your Mother’s water.  This will probably start to move things along.
    • 3:50 PM – We just got checked and we are 7 centimeters dilated and 90% effaced.  The nurse mentioned that we may have you within an hour and probably no more than 2.
    • 4:19 PM – Looks like I lost the bet!  I guess technically I could still be closest as long as you make it in a half hour or so.
    • 5:15 PM – Dr. Stone has arrived!
    • 5:25 PM – You’re here!!!  Holy cow.  What an angel!  That was so much faster than with Emerson, it’s hard to believe.  You weighed in at 7 pounds and 14.8 ounces.  You are officially 19.75 inches long and I believe your blood type is A+ but I am going to have to ask your Mother to confirm that.
    • 10:30 PM – Well, a lot has happened but time is flying.  Your Grandma Pillsbury, Aunt Kelsey, Uncle Wes, and big brother visited and they agreed that you are cute as a button.  After their visit your Mother was able to feed you again, which is great.  After you were all fed we ate and then your Mother took a shower, which was a nice relief for her.  You and I cuddle for a bit until we were moved into our new room (307).  You were just borrowed for a bit for a shot and a hearing test.  I think I will try to take a quick shower and maybe get your pictures loaded to the internet to ensure I don’t lose them.
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  • 6/26/12 – Tuesday

    Miss Detmers,
    Well, our final doctor’s appointment before our induction tomorrow!  Your brother, Emerson, came with us today because we were all off of work and he was at home with us.  Emerson weighed in at 28.2 pounds and was 34 inches tall, I was 191.8 pounds and 73 inches tall, and Mommy was 165.6 pounds.  You Mother’s blood pressure was 104/74 and your heart rate was 134 BPM. and her belly measured at 38 centimeters.  Everything is looking perfect for your arrival tomorrow.  I hope that you cooperate and don’t give your Mother too hard of a time.

    We are completely ready at home, aside from packing my hospital bag.  Your brother will stay at home with Grandma Pillsbury as we head into the hospital at 7AM tomorrow morning.

    I absolutely cannot wait to hold you in my arms.  Life is good.

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  • 6/19/12 – Tuesday

    Baby A,

    Well, unfortunately I wasn’t able to make today’s appointment due to work.  Your Aunt Kelsey had an appointment at the exact same time with the same doctor, so your Mother and Aunt went together (along with your Grandma Pillsbury).  Your Mother appreciates my fondness to numbers so she sent in the stats: 131 BPM, Abby was 165.2 pounds and her heart rate was 118/69.

    We also had great news from the Martins (close family friends).  They were able to adopt an adorable baby boy (Mitchell) and it was a complete gift.  They will be such great parents and this news was a long time coming.  I am so excited for them and I am also stoked that you and Mitchell will be so close in age.  We are going to the Martin’s after work today to bring over some dinner and meet our new friend.

    Today is a great day.

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  • 6/12/12 – Tuesday


    Doctor’s Log:

    • Mother – Weight: 162.4 pounds; BP: 110/70
    • Baby – 127 BPM
    • Note: Let’s Induce!

    It’s almost your brother’s birthday!  We got him a lot of gifts but your gifts are piling up just as fast.  Everything is going well here.  We believe we will induce on June 27th assuming nothing else comes up or you don’t decide to come any sooner.

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  • 6/5/12 – Tuesday


    Well, here I am with another doctor visit update.  We were able to get another sonogram because we wanted to make sure you weren’t too large.  Your heart rate was at 132 BPM and they estimate your weight at 7 pounds 3 ounces.  They estimate your weight by taking two measurements of your head, one of your stomach, and another of your femur.  They use these measurements to come up with an estimated weight, but I believe the margin of error is fairly large.  Your foot measured 3 inches, which is huge and the doc says that you are still a girl :).  Your weight put you in the 89.5th percentile and just as an FYI it seems as there is still around 14.69 fluid ounces of amniotic fluid bathing you.  The last note from the doctor is that you are still head down and your spine is to the left of your Mother.

    Your Mother weighed in at 159.3 pounds and her blood pressure was 122/80.  Her belly measured 36 centimeters.  Given that your brother was so large we are throwing around the idea of possibly inducing this time around.  We will see and I will update you as news becomes available.

    All great news from the doctor, which is perfect.

    Your brother talks about you a lot, but I still don’t believe he understands what’s going on.

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