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5/22/12 – Tuesday


Another doctor visit and more great news.  Everything is looking perfect.  Your heart rate was 138 BPM, your Mother was 157.2 pounds and her blood pressure was 110/74 which is fantastic and her belly measured right on track at 34 centimeters.  Your Mother’s feet are swelling quite a bit and she sure enjoys with they are rubbed :).

Our 5 year wedding anniversary is coming up.  I am excited to think back because it was the beginning of a beautiful family.  I can’t wait to add you to the crew.  If you ever asked me how I wanted my family to work out I would have said just this: Get married, spend a few years together, have a boy, wait a few years and then have a girl!  I envisioned the older boy protecting his younger sister and the younger sister telly Dad about all the trouble the older brother had gotten into that day.  So far Emerson has been a complete joy so if you’re anything like him I wouldn’t mind having a few more children too :).

All is well on the home front.  We are preparing things for D day as well as for your brother’s second birthday.  I hope you’re having some comfy time in there with Momma!

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  • 5/9/12 – Wednesday

    Miss Thing,

    We had a doctor visit and got to see you through a sonogram again.  Each visit makes me more and more excited to see you.  Your heart-rate was a strong 148 BPM, Momma weighed in at 152.5 pounds, her blood pressure was 106/68 and I weighed in at a whopping 190 pounds!  You Mother’s belly measured 33 centimeters, which is right on track.

    Things are coming along in preparation for your arrival.  We are still trying to explain everything to your brother, but I am sure that he will get the picture once you arrive and he has to wait his turn to spend time with Mommy.

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