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4/29/12 – Sunday

Nesting Alert!

Your Mother has gone into full blown nest preparation.  Nesting is a term that people use to refer to Mothers that devote all of their energy preparing the living quarters (nest) for their soon to be born child.  She spent all weekend buying, washing, sorting, cleaning, and labeling.  Hopefully her success will allow her to relieve a bit of her stress.

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  • 4/16/12 – Monday

    Your Mother went to the doctor’s again today because she’s been in so much pain.  Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be much that they can do at this time, she just has to take it easy and elevate her feet/legs as much as she can.  I really hope it gets easier on her soon.  If there’s anything you can do from within please do!

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  • 4/11/12 – Wednesday

    Another great doctor’s appointment.  We had another sonogram today to check on things and everything is looking good.  We have to keep an eye on your Mother, because she still isn’t feeling good and she is starting to swell pretty badly.  She’s in a lot of pain but hopefully she can hold out another few months.  Time is flying, it’s crazy to think that you will be here in less than three months (assuming everything goes smoothly).

    135 BPM – sounding good!  Your Mother weighed in at 147.4 and her blood pressure was 110/66 which is great.  She’s taking great care of you, but so far it’s been a bit more painful than her first go-around.  I really hope that things get easier on her.  If not, maybe she will have to go on bed-rest.

    So far your Mother isn’t nesting “too” much, but it’s starting.  Your room is coming along nicely, but again it’s mostly been your Mother doing all of the work.  She and her Mother and sister have been buying up tons of stuff.  I am glad that they can share the experience together.

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